Make a copy of your database (for moving, and also just as a general backup…always a good idea). Make a copy of all your website files (for moving and as a general backup as well).Move your files to their new location.Copy your database to the new location. Change your website URL in your database – without – causing data integrity issues.Make sure your wp-config.php file has been updated with your new database details.Change your nameservers (if you are moving web hosts)Test as soon as you can. Fix any issues, and if there are any major issues, change your nameservers to your old host.

While You Try to Fix Any Issues Introduced During the Move

That said, you can make a local copy of your site and test the move that way. It’s definitely the safest way to test, but it would require you to run a server on your computer. Talking about it is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but researching XAMPP is a good place to start on this.But generally, and especially for Buy Oman WhatsApp Numbers small sites, the manual approach is not necessary, as you will see…So after a lot of trial and error and site travel for myself and my clients, out of everything I’ve tried, this is the easiest and least

Risky Way I’ve Found (at This Day) to Move a WordPress Site

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Basically, this plugin bundles everything that makes up your site into one downloadable file, so you can easily move that file (and by extension – your site) to its new location.I must admit that this plugin has some limitations in the free version. One of these limitations is the size of the site you can move. If, when bundled, your site is larger than the free version of the plugin supports, it will prompt you to upgrade. So, for this reason, the free version is not suitable for large sites. That said, if this becomes a problem for you and you’d rather not get the Pro version of the plugin, there are plenty of alternative migration plugins. Here are a few.

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