Achieving conversions can be a daunting task for many marketers. The truth is that it is rather a work of insistence, perseverance and analysis. Today, for many, a “failure meter” of our conversion is abandoned carts. However, an abandoned cart should always be seen as an opportunity. The cart that was left in the middle or that purchase that was not completed, is rather your way to better understand your customer. Likewise, it is a perfect tool to understand what your ecommerce is failing. Today we propose 3 techniques to analyze and reduce the number of your abandoned carts.

Steps to start reducing abandoned carts before starting any strategy. The first thing you should do is analyze your potential customers. We cannot do something because the competition does it too, especially. Because perhaps the users of the competition do not have the same needs or problems as ours. Remember that in this article we Spain phone number the lead profile , that is. When a user has already started a process of interest in your brand and. Took the first step towards conversion. To do this, we indicate the main factors to analyze in your ecommerce. Analyze the purchasing behavior of your users it is important that we use analytics. Tools like google analytics to gain. Deep insight into our users’ journey through the web store.

Steps To Start Reducing

In what process of the purchase do they stop and abandon the cart? Knowing this will help you understand if the user abandons due to shipping costs, payment problems, or if the purchasing system is complicated. These three problems have simple solutions: Reduce shipping costs or offer free shipping options It offers varied payment options that also allow unbanked people to make virtual payments without any problem. Offer purchase options without the need for the potential customer to create a user on your website Create attractive offers like 10% off your first purchase or coupons that last 48 hours. Are you tracking your abandoned carts?

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Every purchase intention is important and we must focus on recovering the customer’s attention. Some brands send emails as a reminder for the abandoned cart. Others send an email with an attractive promotion to resume the purchase. Strategies always depend on the company, but they must be done in a timely manner. It is advisable not to wait more than 24 hours and use persuasive language, avoiding as much as possible becoming spam. Automate your processes The customer looking to buy on the internet wants immediacy and security in their purchase. If you’re finding it too difficult to track your shipment or confirm your payment, then it’s your time to move on to more automated processes.

Analyze The Purchasing Behavior

Consider making efficient integrations with software or payment applications , as well as tracking shipments. It is important that you communicate to your customers how easy it is to buy in your store, this will generate confidence in the purchase process. You can dedicate a category of your site to explain how your shipments work or how to make purchases in your store. Communication with your customers lays the foundation for security and loyalty. Always focus on listening to them and appreciating their needs. This is how you can give them what they are looking for, solve their concerns and at the same time increase your sales.

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