In addition you will see if it is available for registration or. If you can get it through an auction. Choose a name that is short, simple and easy to write and remember. Choosing an apple company name image by janitors via visual hunt / cc by. The companies you like best usually have short, simple names that are easy to write and remember, such as apple, tesla, or google. Strange names are often difficult to spell and remember. This can be a problem for many small businesses, as word of mouth is a great way to advertise.

If Your Customers Remember Your Name

If your customers don’t remember your name, they won’t be able to spell or pronounce . It,they won’t be able to spell or pronounce it, and it will be difficult for them to promote your brand. When you choose the name for your company, remember that one possibility is to use the acronym of your company. You may not get to use it, but your customers will be able to Jordan Phone Number refer to your business that way. Avoid names that limit you or are too literal. They won’t be able to spell or pronounce it.

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Think About How Your Business Can Evolve

Over time and make sure that the name you choose. Can accompany you in that transition. For example, if you named your company “iphone accessories”. Then expanded your product range, your company name would be limited and restrictive. Apply this advice even if your company sells a specialized product. If you have an antique lamp business, think that, in the future, it could become an antique furniture business. Something like “John’s antique lamps” could be quite limiting if you ever want to sell antique furniture or clocks. This is especially important when choosing a domain.

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