With all this, eSports are a fresh and action-packed window for an audience eager for new content. In our country, according to a study carried. Out in 2021 by the eSports League and Movistar. There is a total number of 3.7 million viewers. However, according to the study conducted. By Deloitte Gaming the same year. 69% of eSports consumers do not have a preferred team. Is there an opportunity there for brands indeed, there is. Building brand: from image to identity A few lines above. I commented that the appearance of KOI on the national scene has increased interest in eSports in our country. This is largely due to the magnet effect of the great figures that are usually behind the teams, and their power of influence: Werlyb, TheGrefg, DJMaRiiO, LOLiTO FDEZ.

So good when it comes to generating awareness

Willyrex, Alvaro845, Perxitaa or sports figures such as Sergio Reguilón and the Kun Agüero have millions of followers on their social networks. By Philippines Photo Editor extension, if you follow Willyrex your favorite team is likely to be the MAD Lions. This magnet effect, so good when it comes to generating awareness and reaching new audiences, has contributed to generating an image of personalities behind the teams (the mythical phrase “the team of…”). eSports teams therefore have a great challenge ahead: building brands with relevant meanings for their audiences beyond people and competitions. Most teams have a powerful brand image, many of them inspired by the imagery of the major American leagues. Samurai, ninjas, lions, tents, robots or unicorns allow us to identify ourselves at a first level of ‘I like’ or ‘I don’t like’. Unlike traditional clubs, which were originally thought of as physical proximity.

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The birth of these digital brands has focused

The birth of these digital brands has focused on building on characters: would people prefer to be a lion or a bison? a Giant or a Rider? But in the same way Executive List that we all know that Barça is ‘More than a club’ or that being from Sevilla FC means never giving up, what do we know about these new clubs? eSports clubs will be what they want to be These new clubs have understood that brands are an experience and that, as such, they cannot be limited to being teams that compete in League of Legends, Valorant or FIFA. But what lies beyond the competition? What is your value proposition? Do you know your community? Clubs, as brands, need to start thinking about what they are going to offer their fans and think about ways they can engage with them beyond counting their views and selling them a product from time to time. According to the GES 21 barometer, 64% of sponsors.

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