Buyable pins were released in June 2015. At the VP Risk Email Lists time, there were 30 million on the site, but just three months later, Pinterest reported that the number had doubled to 60 million. According to Shopify, the average order value of sales from Pinterest is $50, which is higher than any other social media site.

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Here’s a look at the Pinterest commerce flow…

Pinterest Shopping Flow
Image Source

You can then select “Buy It” and make a purchase right then and there with either Apple Pay or credit card.

Pinterest has worked with a number of major retailers, like…

What’s unique about Pinterest is that a small portion of the site’s content is original. According to one source, 80% of Pinterest content is repins. This is a major benefit for you, an original content creator.

Be sure to feature your products in various colors. I don’t need to tell you that the visual representation of your product is clutch, so spend the time (and money) to perfect your product images.

Shopping offline is, inherently, a social experience. You’ll ask your friends and family for their opinion on products, you’ll buy the same brand of household items that your parents do, or you’ll simply go shopping as a pair / group.

But eCommerce? Not so social by nature.

Heidi Cohen of agrees that that could be a major reason everyone is talking about the concept of social commerce…

“HeidiHeidi Cohen,

“While shopping is essentially a social experience, think girls shopping at the local mall, online shopping is distinctly not social. Yet, regardless of where the purchase is made, many shopping decisions involve more than one individual’s input, be it a couple, parent and child, or friends.

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