Whether you’re considering a brand new release or you already have an app that you now want to speed up, the first question to ask yourself is why you have or need a mobile app. What are you trying to achieve? What needs do you plan to meet through the app? An app should never be viewed as an extension of a web-based online experience, so it’s worth confirming that your requirements wouldn’t be met as easily through a mobile site. The last thing you want is to waste time and money creating a product that didn’t need to exist.

We weren’t surprised to read that 34% of product managers conduct user research daily. As a Mobile Application PM, understanding your users as much as possible will be essential for short-term and long-term success. A mix of approaches and resources will be helpful here. Review any existing comments you have as well as additional direct channels such as chatbots, polls, focus groups, and interviews. You can also use third-party voice-of-customer tools for a more automated and managed process. In this planning stage, the goal is to create detailed personas for your target application users and a comprehensive set of business case examples. Understanding your users better will also help you determine the ideal technology specifications for your application.

Do most of your audience use iOS or Android? What characteristics are most important to them? What smartphones do they commonly use?


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