For those that work in the job search Partners Email Address industry, “Job Goals” meant details of the job you were looking for. The average user read this as: things they would like to achieve at their next job.

The title was redesigned to “?”, which gave a much a better response.

Be Conversational

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Since microcopy is all about communicating with the user, you want to keep the tone conversational where possible and use natural language. Stuffy, technical language is likely to alienate and confuse your potential customers.

Hubspot believes that their microcopy is effective because they have, “always been less concerned with sounding like a serious, grown-up corporation than we are with sounding like ourselves.”

Make it Personal
The power of personal microcopy was seen in an A/B testing of Roader Studios “Famous in Five” campaign. They tested a CTA in their email campaign that originally said, Click here to continue reading.

They thought this was too bland and lacked momentum so they changed it to, Make me famous. In 2 weeks the new CTA received 8.39% more conversions.

job goals microcopy
The author of the case study believes that a large amount of its success is due to the inclusion of the personal “me” to the copy.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Numerous studies have been carried out on the readability of online text. There is a lot of debate on the exact optimal line length but one that’s approximately 50-60 characters is a good general recommendation. So when you are crafting your microcopy, less if definitely more.

Be Functional
Microcopy’s main purpose is to make the user experience easier. Always ask if it is actually needed or not? You can still be entertaining, but don’t go overboard. Prioritize functionality above all else.

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