In summary, and returning to the purpose, everything that the brand has built would not have been possible without that desire to “play well”. Product innovation, improving the experience, growing by reaching new communities… Everything that has led Lego to be what it is today. Is its purpose to promote a world in which people play better. This is probably one of the great revelations of a good purpose.  The purpose should act as a roadmap that the brand cannot lose sight of .  As such, it should inspire the different actions it takes. Less is more also in the purpose of a brand. The era of purposeful brands has given branding a new meaning. Perhaps for this reason and in my opinion, purpose often carries too much responsibility.

As often happens, often less is more

As often happens, often less is more. As we have seen, a purpose that is not differential can inspire a company that makes a difference. Of course, although a purpose Real Estate Photo Editing is not different, to make a difference it is necessary to have brands and brave leaders who dare to think big.Why lose ourselves in words Josep Maria Mir Why lose ourselves in words Posted on September 9, 2021 I still remember his deep and resounding voice when he said: “Why lose ourselves in words, Mir”. We were on one of those walks that I was lucky enough to enjoy next to her, in which we discussed and dissected any topic. On that occasion, it was the artists, graphic designers, designers -and some other type of creator-, when with his well-known forcefulness, Camilo Jose Cela settled the matter.

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What does it matter what each one is when

What does it matter what each one is when the important thing is what one does , what difference does it make if it is art or artifice. Why lose ourselves Executive List in words ? Coming from a writer – and a famous one -, it is a less striking statement, but no less true. And now it helps me to apply it here, if we talk about logos: what does it matter what it’s called when the important thing is the function it performs and the problem it solves? Different ways of saying the same thing? Imagotype, isotype, isologo are, personally and deep down, the desire to create words that have never been necessary. To invent terms that provide an appearance of science to the fact of solving communication problems through symbols. Because, and although it sounds controversial.

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