I like the smell of coffee in the morning. Just smelling it awakens my senses. Without a drop of liquid touching my lips. I know which places in the city have good coffee just by smelling it from the street. Smell is much more effective than any advertising on the door. The meta description is the coffee aroma of our blog.
I mean. may Egypt Phone Numbers stay in the same. The meta description is that short text that appears in google search results when we are looking for something. And it is also the text that is automatically shared on social networks if someone shares our blog or our posts. For example. This is the molpe.

This is very poetic but you

If we don’t change our meta description. Google takes the first 156 characters of our blog or post without asking us. It’s as if we walked into the cafeteria through the back door and it didn’t smell like coffee.
When the marketing gurus realized the importance of meta descriptions. They blew them out of keywords. In other words. They flooded our city with the smell of coffee. That made google stop taking into account the keywords contained in the meta descriptions when positioning a page. And that is why. In almost no seo course. The meta description is talked about.
But… do you write for google?
Not fortunately. Yes. We want google to read us because that will bring us people. As I have already told you when we talked about seo . But we write for people. People who are capable of distinguishing a good coffee. And that. Therefore. They will be attracted to our description. A good description can lead a reader to click on your link and that. Despite the fact that google robots do not take it into account. Does increase the visits to your blog.
What should a good meta description have?

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Must have keywords:
Let’s see. Ana. You’re driving us crazy. Didn’t you say that the keywords in the meta description were no longer taken into account by google? Yes. Google does not take them into account. But it turns out that it marks in bold the ones that the reader has searched for. So if you have put your keywords in the meta description. They will appear highlighted and help to attract attention.
The good thing if brief twice good:
s. But then google appears cut off). And it is a summary of your blog or your post.
She must be as attractive as hugo silva:
Ok. Yes. I confess. I have a fixation with this guy since the yogurt thing. But to the point: you have less than ten seconds to convince the reader to click on your link. Be as convincing as possible. Use everything we have taught you about copywriting.
Must not be duplicated:
the same description to different pages. Google does not penalize having repeated meta descriptions on your page. It does worse than that: it ignores them.

Never put the same title or

How do we change the meta description of our blog?
To get our readers to be attracted by the aroma of our coffee and want to sit down at our table. We therefore have to personalize the meta description.
Let’s go first to the web:
In wordpress. We can include meta descriptions using html code. The only thing is that they cannot be customized per page if we do not include a free plugin called yoast seo.
Yoast will also help you “snitch” with the rest of the seo


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