Content distribution is the process of sharing, publishing, and promoting your images, blogs, videos, and other content formats.It’s how you’re providing your audience with the content they’re consuming through different platforms and media formats.Author’s Note: “Paid” Norway WhatsApp Number List (AKA paid media) refers to the action of buying advertising space, or real estate, on media publications and websites that are relevant to your website (AKA native advertising) as well as running search ads on Google.Your content distribution strategy will vary depending on your business model and overall business goals.

Why Is It Important To Distribute Your Content?

Let’s take Salesforce as an example.Salesforce is a leading SaaS company with a large content marketing budget so they’re able to create a lot of different content pieces and distribute them differently across their social media platforms.On Facebook, they post a mixture of images, videos, industry reports, and more, several times a day.You’d assume that a company the size of Norway WhatsApp Number List Salesforce’s — with over 150,000 companies using the software worldwide — wouldn’t need to promote their content.In fact, you could argue that Salesforce doesn’t need to have a content marketing strategy in the first place.

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28 Content Distribution Channels to Know

As we can see, not only is Salesforce investing in their content strategy, but they create different types of content, such as industry reports, that they distribute on various channels – mainly owned and paid.If content creation and content distribution is important for a Norway WhatsApp Number List company like Salesforce, then it should definitely be important for smaller companies.Let’s continue on and examine the importance of content distribution further.By inviting people that have a wide reach, you make it easier for a large number of people to know about your podcast and, most probably, give it a try.A podcaster might invite influencers, celebrities, or industry experts to be guests on their podcast.

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