You may be familiar with brand journalism by a different name such as corporate journalism or corporate media but however you refer to it, the real importance is understanding how it can benefit your business.Answering what is brand journalism is complex and not all South Korea WhatsApp Number List companies would provide the same answer.Most would agree though that the art of storytelling and content creation is essential to forming relationships with your audience and providing information to help them make decisions that impact their daily life.The importance of brand journalism doesn’t lie in the form of communication but in the story behind it.

Why Brand Journalism Matters for CMOs

Also, you need to understand that brand journalists aren’t necessarily PR people as brand journalism exists in the intersection of PR, content marketing and storytelling.And, telling a good story isn’t always about marketing.Brand journalism goes beyond traditional South Korea WhatsApp Number List marketing strategies to provide a more complete story of the company.On each product page they have an explainer video showcasing the product and several users working with them in different ways that bring you into their digital world.Videos are great because they easily allow you to share your product and tell a story at the same time.

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Examples of Great Brand Journalism

They are also very engaging so it draws the consumer into your brand.Most importantly though, Adobe is trying to tell a story.It presents the brand as something more than just a simple software and makes people want to participate and be a part of this story.Another great South Korea WhatsApp Number List example of brand journalism is Warby Parker.This is important because news outlets need to know how timely this information is and if they are in a location to attend what you are presenting.The next bolded areas are What, Who, When, and Where – 4 out of the 5 basic questions we discussed.

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