Most important to the discussion of whether or not you should self-host your blog (using a hosting company like Blue host or Dream host), are the benefits you stand Cyprus Email List to gain from going with self-hosting—when compared to the alternative of choosing a one of the many more tightly controlled blogging platforms like Medium, Feebly, Ix or otherwise. For several years here, I’ve been teaching over 500,000 monthly readers how to start their blogs—and my recommendation has always Cyprus Email List been to start with a self-hosted blog, powered by the free WordPress content management system (CMS) and a reliable hosting company that’s keeping your blog online.

How Much Does It Cost To Self-Host Your Blog?

Even if you’re not launching your blog with the primary goal of making money today, leaving the door open to that possibility in the future is the smartest option Cyprus Email List right now (if you have the budget to spend around $5/mo for your blog’s hosting plan or slightly more if you go with a true monthly hosting plan). Now, if you’re instead blogging as a creative exercise, journalist activity Cyprus Email List or simple hobby that has no financial aims—opting for a platform like Medium, Feebly or Ix could actually be a great move, because it’ll be completely free of charge to you.

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How Do You Get A Self-Hosted Blog Going?

Regardless of your ultimate goal though, there’s nothing wrong with starting out on a free platform if you need to keep your expenses low or at zero, especially Cyprus Email List if you’re focused mainly on practicing your writing craft and getting more comfortable with what it’s like to operate a blog. Just keep in mind though, that at some point in time you’ll eventually need to move Cyprus Email List over to self-hosting your blog if you want to transition it into an income-generating project. If you haven’t yet gotten your blog off the ground yet, then head over to my ultimate guide to starting a blog.

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