If you do need to change a permalink at some point on your blog, it’s absolutely crucial that you set up a proper 301 redirect in order to clearly tell search engines Iceland Email List (like Google) that your post, page or article has now moved to the new URL you’ve set up. You can use a free WordPress plugin like Quick Page/Post Redirect (like I use), to quickly set up a 301 redirect for a post or page you plan to move to a new URL like so

Permalink Suggestion Isn’t Good Enough

Changing the URL (permalink) of an existing blog post without setting up a 301 redirect will result in what’s called a broken link. And broken links are very bad for the SEO health of your website—because when someone clicks on a broken link somewhere Iceland Email List out on the Internet or in search engine results, they’re essentially landing on a blank page that no longer exists. When this happens, it will lead to a high bounce rate because those visitors will immediately leave.

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How To Manually Change A Permalink

Search engines will notice that and decrease your organic rankings accordingly, so that they’re not sending traffic to an empty page on your website. And if you have multiple broken links on your website, search engines will likely devalue or penalize your website as a whole—Iceland Email List resulting in an all around bad situation that’s easy to avoid. After doing your keyword research and uncovering the exact words or phrases your ideal readers are searching for, you can devise smart content topics that do the best possible job of answering those search queries they’re making.

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