Cyprus WhatsApp Number ListIt’s easy to overlook that one, right?

When it comes to the know, like, and trust factor that creates an effective sales environment, know and trust get a lot of attention.

Like almost becomes a part of know Cyprus WhatsApp Number List and forgotten. Similar to that seventh dwarf whose name always slips your mind. (I’m looking at you, Bashful.)

But like is not only separate from Cyprus WhatsApp Number List know. Thus, it’s an important bridge to trust that you’ll have trouble building if you don’t give it its own spotlight.

The difference between know and like

They’re similar on the surface, so I’m certainly guilty of grouping know and like together: know-like and trust.

However, the difference is obvious when you think about how your target audience may know who you are and what you do, but they don’t necessarily like you … yet.

For instance, I’m aware of a lot of cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics. I’m their target audience, so I know them through their marketing, but which ones do I end up buying? The ones I’ve grown to like (and eventually trust) because of their marketing.

We don’t buy every brand we know; like helps us narrow down our choices.

How to develop like

Some writers don’t like to work while music with lyrics plays, but it’s part of my practice.

When it’s time to put the finishing touches on a draft I’ve been working on over multiple writing sessions, I often listen to the album Original Pirate Material by The Streets.

“You won’t find us on AltaVista — cult classic, not bestseller.”
– The Streets, “Let’s Push Things Forward”

Yes, AltaVista. The record came out in 2002.

I love how that lyric simultaneously makes a statement about the artist and defines their audience.

It’s a sentiment that pushed me from know to like.

Without knowing your perspective, values, and experience, how will people like you?

The intersection of your humanity and your knowledge makes you likable.

Clarity has a ripple effect

If you don’t have a distinct style, it’s difficult to attract anyone.

If you do have a distinct style, you’ll attract a certain type of person and unexpected people as well.

For example, let’s say you sell a product for male college students. By speaking directly to that audience in your marketing and incorporating the elements that make you likable, you accomplish more than just attracting one type of person.

When a grandmother is looking for the perfect gift for her grandson, your clear content marketing will make her feel confident that she’s purchasing wisely.

You didn’t intend to attract Grandma, but your strong point of view helped her select a present and you gained a customer.

Clearly expressing who you are and who you serve benefits your business and different types of prospects.

Experience helps you add the right details

Content marketing is always a creative challenge.

Your goal is to stand out, whether there is a bunch of other interesting content in your niche or content about your topic is typically dry.

You make the competition irrelevant when you demonstrate over time why you’re the only reasonable choice for your prospect.

Here are two helpful truths/disclaimers I always reference when discussing how to implement like:

  1. You don’t have to compromise your professionalism.
  2. You don’t want to distract readers from your message with nonsense.

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