People are simply more likely to click on the VP Facility Manager Email Lists first few links in a series, so optimize with that in mind.

VP Facility Manager Email Lists

Remember this when you’re designing menus, too. We’ve consistently seen that with menus with too many options (paradox of choice), the middle ones get ignored. So either limit your options or place the important ones at the top or bottom.

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Bottom Line:

As far as conversion optimization goes, there are two strong implications of the Serial Position Effects with landing pages in particular:

Start strong. Make sure your value proposition is well-articulated and above the fold (primacy).
End strong. Repeat the call to action throughout and at the bottom of the page (recency).
In addition, there are a few applications to pricing and other aspects of websites.

Start Strong: Optimizing First Impressions

You know the importance of your value proposition. As Peep once wrote, “value proposition is the #1 thing that determines whether people will bother reading more about your product or hit the back button.”

It should set a strong first impression and anchor the experience for your web visitors. If done well, it should be remembered after browsing your site (and hopefully even if they leave).

A good example – a shining example of clarity, really – is from Stripe:

On the same note, what if you’re writing a long form sales page? Don’t bury the lede. If you want something to stand out in your copy, use it at the beginning. Repeat the message several times, as well.

Our agency site starts strong:

And the body copy begins with that message as well:

Hard to forget what we do.

End Strong: Emphasizing the Core Message
The recency effect tells us that our brains also remember things better if they occur at the end of a sequence. Therefore, in sales copy, you should also repeat your most important message towards the end to reiterate what you want to stand out.

Recency also suggests the importance of the last customer touch point. I was so thrilled when Chubbies sent me a well-designed and funny packaging with some free gifts and a letter. This is how promoters are made.

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