Reciprocal links are more than just a simple exchange agreement between two sites.Some professionals believe that, nowadays, it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to receive a link without giving a link back.If that’s the case, then link exchanges should be on the rise Italy WhatsApp Number List and link building is shifting towards a “give, then ask” approach.But, isn’t that against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?In this guide, you’re going to learn what reciprocal linking is and if it can affect your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

When we talk about reciprocal links, we’re simply talking about mutual links that are exchanged between two site owners.In other words, you’re getting links from other people in exchange for linking back to their pages or resources from the content you’re creating for your Italy WhatsApp Number List own website or the guest posts you might be writing on others websites’ blogs.We’ll cover more on that a little further down in this post.Let’s get into a bit more detail about reciprocal links. Since we’re talking about link exchanges, we can’t miss covering Private Blog Networks (PBNs), which used to be a popular black-hat link building technique back in the 00’s.

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In fact, we’re starting our presentation of the history of link exchanges with PBNs.The way PBNs worked was that someone was buying authoritative, old domains and started adding content into them again.That content was usually full of hyperlinks to their main site, Italy WhatsApp Number List thus boosting its search engine ranking and traffic.In short, PBNs were one of the first ways of reciprocal linking.This tactic was working up until the early 00’s when Google updated its guidelines and many websites that were using it or other spammy techniques vanished.

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