Not setting realistic goals When designing a strategy, whether it is Inbound Marketing or another technique, it is very easy to get away by unrealistic or impossible goals. Keep in mind that the goals are the support of a strategy: being able to measure the result will reveal whether the company is on the right track or not. A wrong decision can significantly harm the entire process. A basic premise is that your objectives must be raised under the SMART principle «Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely». In Spanish, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and temporary. Specifics. The goal should be as specific as possible.

“Increase website visits” is not helpful. More specific would be “Increase visits by 5% during the month of April”. Measurable. If exact goals are established, they can later be analyzed to measure the results. achievable. It is useless to set unattainable goals. The key is to go little by little, meeting small objectives to grow progressively. Relevant. If your Canada phone number list is to increase web traffic by 5%, but you don’t have a lead capture strategy in place , that goal won’t work at all. The objectives have to serve to meet the ultimate goals of the company. Temporary. The objectives have with a specific date or time. If deadlines are not, the tasks and the work will less productive.

How To Take Advantage

Have a Buyer Person little worked One of the typical mistakes of those who are just starting out in Inbound Marketing is having a poorly buyer person . Defining the profile of your ideal clients is a fundamental task to then create actions focused on them. The process of defining the customer profile must be very thorough and as complete as possible. This will allow you to perfect the lines of your business, improve communication and achieve greater efficiency in marketing actions . The Buyer Persona is a semi-fictional profile of your ideal client, based on real data.

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In addition to demographic data, this representation should talk about behaviors, habits, goals and challenges of the type of consumer you expect for your company. The same company can create different customer profiles according to its target audience. In this way, you will be able to meet the needs of these people and satisfy them with your products and services. Too much content and little quality It is always better to have two or three high-quality articles a week than to publish every day and that the content is written without depth in the subject. Writing quality material every day requires a large infrastructure, which most companies don’t have. Quality is always more important than quantity.

Not Setting Realistic Goals

So let’s see what those guys are. Geographical segmentation It is about segmenting the market according to certain geographical dimensions; Audiences can also by number of children, urban or rural lifestyle, type and use of vehicles, among other options. psychographic segmentation The audience is, in particular, and the market is, in general, in relation to data with the lifestyle, social class and personality of potential consumers.

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