How We Improved Axure’s Lead Quality Overnight Poland Phone Number SaaS Lead Generation: How We Improved Axure Lead Quality Overnight Posted: 2020-12-19 When Axure came to us, they were looking for an efficient way to generate B2B SaaS leads. As a product-focused company, Axure was looking for an opportunity to partner with a paid advertising company that would allow them to better focus on creating high-quality UX products for their clients. For SaaS companies, one of the best customer acquisition tools is Google Ads, although it can get expensive upfront with CPC bids for software-related keywords as high as $100.

But many people don’t use the diverse range of Google reportsPoland phone number

available. Looking at the placements report, we immediately reduced spend by 33% while maintaining cost/conversion below their target goal of $16. Results This tabl compares the cost, CTR, and cost/conversion (leads in this case) after the takeover and before: Axure Cost, CTR and Cost Conversion It shows that costs went down but CTR went up (due to more relevant targeting and better ad content) and cost/conversion stayed about the same.

Axure generated a ton of clicks – but few qualified SaaS

leads Axure is a UX platform for creating wireframes and interactive prototypes without code. Their platform enables the collaboration needed to bridge the gaps between design, development, customers, and your business. Across the globe and across industries, Axure inspires UX designers, analysts, product managers, developers, and passionate users to push the boundaries together. They were spending an aggressive amount on Search Network advertising, but not seeing the expected quality traffic that would later turn into a full purchase. After a thorough audit of Axure’s Paid Search account,

we immediately spotted a few opportunities that we commonly see on Google Ads B2B accounts that lead to ineffective lead generation. Here are some of those common missed opportunities: Lack of SaaS leads from targeted countries that were driving low quality traffic Outdated account structure that has not been optimized to expand our coverage on high converting keywords Low impression share and average position against their brand terms (meaning their competitors often appeared first in searches for their brand) Overly broad keywords that generated low conversion traffic No clear process to add top terms from search term report as exact match SKAG (single keyword ad groups) SKAGs allow for greater granularity and focus on individual keyword targeting.

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