Has been postponed until further notice. This means for your content strategy that it Cambodia WhatsApp Number List will become much more effective in 2019 to put people first. Any company that wants to show itself as a top player needs an indispensable ingredient, the ‘ secret sauce ‘ of reliable content: a good figurehead. Find figureheads for your.

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As an institution, a talking logo, but put forward people who are the face of your company. A bit like Leroy from Carglass did in the commercials. By the way, Leroy actually worked for that company, he’s not an actor. We feel those kinds of things right away. Brands want to differentiate themselves in specific themes by being the best.

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Cambodia WhatsApp Number List

Authority. From now on, the people who are helped in this way regard the company as a friend, a buddy. The success of organizations such as Staatsbosbeheer (with their ‘ forester Tim ‘ as a very successful Twitterer) proves that developing your own figureheads is the ‘ way to go ‘ to build trust, connection, and a larger customer base. This can best be several figureheads.

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