It’s crazy to think that there was a time when a sales rep used a Rolodex to keep track of contacts and their information. They would write the contact information down in a (maybe) standardized way, store the contacts in alphabetical order (maybe), and when they left they could leave the Rolodex for you (yes… that’s right). It doesn’t matter how modern your CRM is; its value ultimately depends on how it is used and, more importantly, if it is used. Sales team members are the usual suspects when it comes to underusing CRM, so how do you get sales reps to use CRM consistently? Here are three tips.

Nobody Likes to Do Something Just to Do It For Your Reps to

Effectively, you’ll need to help them understand why using CRM is important. For example, explain to them how using CRM helps with revenue reporting and projections. Understanding that other team members are using CRM information to report on performance is highly motivating for any sales rep who wants to show how they are Buy Georgia WhatsApp Numbers contributing to overall company goals. As another illustration, most SaaS companies will have implementation and customer success teams. Understanding upcoming deals, their progress, and their likelihood of closing allow a leadership team to staff the implementation and customer success teams appropriately. Explaining this to a sales team helps

They Understand How Their Use of a CRM Impacts Other Team

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Finally, personalize it by explaining how using the CRM impacts individual reps. If they use the CRM correctly, they can manage their transactions more efficiently. Proactively answer questions such as In the end, your salespeople are human, so they will forget a few bits of information here and there. On top of that, a new hire may be afraid to ask you to repeat something you’ve already told them. If you really want to dig into this tactic, record your initial conversation so the rep can listen to it in the future.


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