You’re starting a food blog with the goal of eventually positioning yourself as an expert and thought leader within your niche—and before you know it, this new site could open doors to unexpected mouth-watering opportunities like book deals, television appearances, cooking product lines Vietnam Phone Number List and so much more. And get this, even if you just want to be a hobby food blogger, you can still make your new blog very profitable. The best part? You don’t need any coding or technical blogging skills—or even much of a financial investment in order to start food blogging today.

Get Your Food Blog Online (Web Hosting)

So, if you’re ready to learn how to start a food blog that actually makes money, then this guide is for you. Picking the right name for your blog can make it stand out and quickly catch the attention of your target readers. The right name for your food blog also communicates what Vietnam Phone Number List your food blog is all about, your position in the industry and even who your recipes are for—in mere seconds. Take for example the clever, simple and fun name of Gaby Dalkin’s food blog—What’s Gaby Cooking? Your food blog’s name, also known as its domain name or blog URL—will be your blog’s address on the Internet.

Vietnam Phone Number List

4. Design Your Food Blog With Free Tools & Templates

This is what people will type into their web browser’s address bar in order to navigate straight to your food blog—or they could even search for its name on the major search engines like Google. It’ll look like this right here (and you’ll usually want it to end in a .com): Vietnam Phone Number List While you definitely can start food blogging for free by using platforms like Medium, Tumblr or Blogger (or even by just building up a following on Instagram first), it’s important to buy your own domain name—so that it belongs to you—in case you eventually want to build a business or earn an income from your food blog.

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