It remains to seen whether the news media will gain financially from this. The voice goes mainstream The survey shows that 14 percent of adults in the US Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List already use voice devices on a regular basis. In Great Britain, it is 10 percent and in Germany 5 percent. Significant growth can seen in recent years. The differences between the countries are due to the fact that the speakers were introduced earlier in the US.

Than other countries

Popularity with older audiences Most users indicates. That they are very satisfied with their smart speakers, with two-thirds saying they will buy a new one if the current one breaks. Smart speakers are most popular with people between the ages of 35-44. And they are also a success with older groups and the disabl because.

They Are Easy To Operate

Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List

With only your voice (no fine motor skills are requir. A quote from the research: “We came across one taxi driver in his seventies who had never been able to master a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet but learned how to interact with his Amazon Echo within a few days. The simplicity of these devices and the lack of the need for fine motor skills have made them a surprise hit with older groups and those with disabilities.” Also read: The voice assistant.

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