Today, we’re breaking down how to add images in WordPress and reduce their file size (to keep your pages & posts loading as quickly as possible). When you’re just learning the fundamentals of how to start a blog, there’s a lot to figure out, I get it. We’ve talked about how to change Algeria WhatsApp Number List font size, changing font color, making a clickable link and so much more here. The good news is that in 2022, it’s very easy to learn how to add images in WordPress with all of the usability updates and enhancements they’ve seen over the past decade.

Adding Images To Posts In The Classic WordPress

In this quick tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to add images in WordPress posts, both in the Classic Editor (which I prefer using) and through their newer Gutenberg Editor. Now, let’s dive into adding images to your WordPress posts—while also reducing their file size as much as possible, to stay in line with SEO best practices and to keep your pages loading as fast as possible. Algeria WhatsApp Number List Now quickly, before we dive into this tutorial on adding images to WordPress, I’ll show you how to reduce an image’s file size (helping your posts load faster) in 2 easy steps.

Algeria WhatsApp Number List

Adding Images To Posts In The Gutenberg WordPress

You can download the free Compress JPEG & PNG Images Plugin for WordPress right here from the WordPress plugin library. Alternatively, you can also search for the plugin and install it from directly inside your plugin menu, accessible on the left-hand side of Algeria WhatsApp Number List your blog admin section here—or check out this quick tutorial on how to install a WordPress plugin: Once you’ve installed the Compress JPEG & PNG Images Plugin, every new image you upload to your WordPress blog will be automatically optimized and the file size reduced as much as possible without compromising the quality of your image.

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