Since 2017, and after making important changes to its usability and algorithm, LinkedIn has experienced exponential growth: it has become a platform of excellence for both companies and professionals who need to show their expertise and the services they can provide. . Many users use LinkedIn solely for the purpose of connecting their blog articles or YouTube videos to the site… Big mistake! Although the “likes” given to your publications and the number of users you have are important, the degree of commitment shown by your followers weighs much more —when it comes to positioning yourself on the platform. But how is this factor expressed?

Fundamentally, through the comments, the discussion of ideas, the contact requests and the place that users give to your expertise . As You Will See, It Is Not Only About Quantifiable Objectives That You Must Achieve To Achieve Popularity. But About Types Of Relationships And A Certain Commitment That Is Obtained Over. Time And Finland phone number Management Of The Tools Offered By The Platform. The Possibilities Offered By Linkedin Are Much. Greater Than What Is Usually Known: It Is A Complete And Effective. Social Network To Generate Greater Engagement.

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Engagement on LinkedIn: Why is it Important? Assuming that LinkedIn is a social network, you can clearly understand why its algorithm will favor those users who make more connections within their area and get more followers. But attention! Participation must be active and permanent. It is important that you understand that this commitment involves both parties: the frequency with which they contact your followers (with different forms of participation) and the responses, contributions and even thanks they get from you. Everything is important in this back and forth relationship.

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For this reason, in this article we will explain in great detail 5 tricks to achieve optimal engagement on LinkedIn . Increase your Engagement on LinkedIn with these 5 Tricks Learn below what are the best practices to generate greater engagement on LinkedIn. Make a Good Impression Your profile is your cover letter. Through it, you must make it very clear —and in a tight summary— what solutions you can offer your clients and what is the experience on which you base yourself. The objective will be to make a good impression from the first contact. While LinkedIn allows you to create both a business profile and a personal profile, we recommend setting up the former.

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A commercial profile will allow you to obtain more visits, more personal contacts and, therefore, a greater commitment from your followers. You must bear in mind, however, that with a commercial page you will not be able to send messages. Build your profile in the best possible way, since it will be the cover letter with which you will make yourself known to your prospects. The first content of the profile that your potential clients will face will be the title. Specify in it what you do and who your target market is. Example: «Expert in marketing oriented to SMEs in the textile sector». Just by taking a look at it, the visitor should understand what your offer is.

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