Today, more than 70 million blog posts are published each month. It’s getting increasingly competitive to reach (and retain) a large blog audience. Thus, guest blogging is a win for the host blog that’s publishing your guest post, because they get a free piece of content that they don’t have to either write themselves or pay a writer to compile. You get your name, your words and links to Romania Phone Number List your own blog surfaced prominently to potentially thousands or more readers. We’ll talk more about including links in your guest blog posts later on in this guide, because those are extremely valuable in terms of building your blog’s SEO authority.

2. How To Find The Perfect Blogs To Guest Post On

Check out this massive spike in traffic I saw to my blog (1,874 readers in one day—far above my average at the time) after my very first guest post was published several years ago: The readers of the blog you just guest posted for also win, because they get to read a Romania Phone Number List great piece of content that likely presents a new perspective than they’re used to. Guest blogging is a win-win-win situation, where everyone is better off as a result. Of all the ways to drive traffic to your blog and build a returning audience over time, guest blogging is by far the highest return investment you can make.

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Come Up With Great Guest Blogging Ideas

Now, let’s dive into my ultimate guide to guest posting and talk about how to land a guest blog post (for SEO and traffic) this year. You need to be able to Romania Phone Number List write well. Be honest with yourself here: if you’re not very fluent in English, or if you struggle a lot with spelling and grammar, you may not yet be at the level where you’re ready to dive into guest blogging. If you do want to go ahead, then it’s worth finding a friend who can help out with a bit of editing, or you might even consider paying a professional editor to help polish your work before pitching a guest post.

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