With countless articles instructing marketers Risk Managers Email List to create great content, many companies now have more eBooks, whitepapers, infographics and blog posts than they know what to do with! Creating content is just one of the first steps in digital marketing. If you’re not promoting content correctly, you can’t expect it to deliver leads, conversions and sales. However, if your content is already written for the right person, it’s time to promote it with digital marketing strategy so that person is able to find it at the right time in their buyer’s journey.

Utilize Call to Actions

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Call to actions are a great tool to place eBooks, whitepapers and infographics in front of readers who are already enjoying related content. For example,if you’re writing blog posts that support one of your content offers, it is beneficial to add a text CTA and a visual CTA to the bottom of each post so that when readers finish, they can easily see and access the next step.

For example, on this blog post from Syntrix

Consulting, they are writing about questions to ask a consultant before implementing Epic Reporting at a healthcare facility. Then at the end of their post, they have an eBook about steps to a successful Epic Reporting implementation. This is a great way to capture already interested prospects because if they’re reading a blog post looking to solve a problem, they might want to learn more about the problem and how your business can help solve it!


Furthermore, if you have a set of resources, it might be beneficial to include call to actions for them on your website’s home page as well as calls to action for specific resources on relevant product pages. You want to give visitors the option to see all of your resources, but you also want to present them with specific resources if they are looking at specific products or services.


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