These metrics give you an idea of the types of people you should target. And they inform how you should tailor your messaging and marketing approach. 6. Swipe-up actions This metric is specific to Facebook Stories. Swipe-up actions show you how many times people took action from your Stories by swiping up on a link or action button. For example. people may swipe up to “Shop Now.” It’s a useful metric for understanding how impactful your Stories are and how effectively they drive conversions.

Facebook story with swipe up to shop option 7. Saves Another Story-specific metric to track are Saves which are measured by the total number of people who saved your Story video to their Facebook collection. It’s a good indicator of how much value your Stories are adding to your audience. 8. Peak live viewers This metric is specific to Facebook Live and shows you the most viewers you had while your video was live. You can expand on this metric to see a graph of how this viewer count changes throughout the live broadcast. So it gives you a clear idea of when viewers start to drop off. This data can help you find out if viewers are getting restless during a broadcast that’s taking too long.

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Or it could be a sign that you need to make some changes to your broadcast timing so more people can tune in for the whole thing. It could also be an indicator of the content quality itself. facebook live video insights 9. Average Georgia Phone Numbers completion rate Closely related to the previous metric. the average completion rate helps you understand how many people watched your live video until the end. A low average completion rate suggests that your live broadcasts may not be engaging or well-executed enough. Or you may have broadcasted at a time when people were too busy to watch the entire thing.

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You’ll need to find out the specific reason for this low completion rate and experiment with tips to make your live broadcasts more engaging. 10. Page growth As you create more engaging video content. you’ll gradually see a growth in your fan following. Make sure you’re using Facebook video benchmarks to understand how your content is impacting your page likes. Facebook also gives you the option to measure page growth so you can see how many followers you gained after a live video session. This is a helpful metric for understanding the impact of your live broadcasts so you know what’s working and what gets people to “like” your page. 11. Ad engagements If you’re running

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Facebook video ad campaigns. you should also keep a close eye on your ad engagement metrics. How are people responding to your video ads? This is an important question to ask if you want to maximize the impact of your ads and get more out of your investment. How much time are they spending watching your video ads? And how many times have people messaged your business after viewing your ads? You can view these crucial video ad metrics using the Ads Manager. To get a more detailed breakdown of your video ad engagements. you can also use the Sprout Social Facebook Paid Performance Report. This gives you an overview of how much engagement your ads received.

Plus. you can also view the number of clicks and web conversions generated from your ads. So you can use this data to get a better understanding of your campaign performance and look for opportunities to optimize your Facebook video ads. 12. Ad cost (CPM. CPE. CPC. CPCon) Additionally. you should also be measuring how much you’re spending on your Facebook video ads. The Facebook Paid Performance Report gives you a detailed breakdown of your ad spend. It shows you how much you’re spending on your ads in relation to different performance metrics.

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