Right out the gates, you’ll want to dedicate some time to learning how to buy a blog (the right way), to make sure you’re acquiring a blog that has the potential to grow and provide a return on your investment. Today’s guest post is from Manuela Domingo’s, the Cameroon Email list Chief Writer at Flippy (the online marketplace to buy and sell blogs), where she and her team have helped make 100,000+ blog and online business transactions happen.

How To Buy A Blog (And Make Money)

I’ve personally used Flippy to scout out opportunities for buying blogs, myself, rather than going through the entire process of starting a blog from scratch every time. Cameroon Email list All of this is to say that I can echo the sentiment that Flippy is very deserving of being the #1 marketplace for online business transactions. Before investing in any digital asset, it’s important to thoroughly perform your due diligence, which will allow you to feel confident about making a purchasing decision. Cameroon Email list By thoughtfully completing these essential blog acquisition best practices, your path to owning this asset class can be very financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.

Cameroon Email list

1. Find A Niche You Care About

Unless you’re hiring someone else to manage your blog, it’s important to buy a blog you’re passionate or at least knowledgeable about. Perhaps the niche you want to Cameroon Email list get into is cooking, hiking, writing, personal finance, marketing, travel, fitness, film, photography, parenting or otherwise… but what’s important is that you’re buying a blog in a space you Cameroon Email list personally care about.In a saturated, competitive online space, chances are there’s a blog that already exists in your subject matter of choice—that’s why it’s important to narrow your content focus.

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