Traditional marketing is making a shift toward Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists digital and the trend is getting stronger every year. According to premier research agencies, digital ad spending will overtake ad spending on traditional media such as TV etc. in 2017. So, the next year the total ad spend by the businesses on TV ads and Internet ads would be around $72 billion and $77 respectively – which clearly sends the message that we are heading towards “a digital future”.

Heading Towards a Digital Future

Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists

According to eMarketer, Digital-ad-market is steadily growly with an annual growth rate of around 15%. Marketers all around the world are now feeling the heat as the market space in the digital world is getting competitive day by day. Old practices are dying and getting replaced by new ones. There is greater need of informative, relevant, engaging and useful content. Content that really solves problems and hooks the customer. According to credible sources, most of the companies fail to execute a proper content marketing campaign that generates leads, grows audience and builds your reputation.

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Marketers are facing a dual challenge. On one side,

market space is getting crowded and it’s getting difficult to achieve visibility with each passing day. While on the other hand, there is manpower crunch in the market and sourcing skilled,

trained and efficient employees is slowly, becoming difficult.

it’s also found that around 75% of the CEOs are unhappy with the performance of their digital marketing staff. Their confidence in their teams is decreasing and reasons are varied.

There is a need to keep yourself updated with the

latest trends in this field and continue learning new skills in order to survive.

Here are some tips to design a successful digital marketing strategy in 2016 and beyond.

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