In fact, if you want to be successful, you need to learn how to say no to almost everything that comes your way. With success and fame, will come an incredible influx of people placing requests and demands on your time – which is without a doubt your most valuable resource. Colombia Phone Number List However, not enough is said about the importance of very consciously allocating your time before you’ve hit it big. How you use your time when you’re just getting started with your business and while you’re in the midst of growing it, will significantly impact how successful you become.

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Don’t just take my word for it, this advice from Jacqueline Whitmore, an author, researcher, and seasoned entrepreneur preaches placing the same importance on opportunity management. Jacqueline is also a huge proponent of only saying yes to opportunities that drive her core business goals. Here’s why she believes people have a difficult time turning down others, Colombia Phone Number List “Deep down inside we all want to be liked, so we worry that saying ‘no’ will change the way others view us.” I could not agree more. A successful entrepreneur is ruthless when it comes to time management, and this is where saying no comes in. You need to very carefully guard your “yes” and make sure to fully evaluate the impact of choosing to accept opportunities that come your way.

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This is particularly the case if your natural tendency is to be a people pleaser. It sucks feeling like you’re letting others down. However, if you’re constantly saying yes to the demands other people are placing on your time, you’re being reactive – not proactive in your business. Colombia Phone Number List This is something I used to struggle with, myself. But not anymore. To combat this tendency in my own online course business, I’ve created a detailed system for rigorously evaluating everything I spend my time on, so that I make sure I’m only working on projects that are getting me closer to launching products, growing my audience, and helping others.

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