Facebook Business Manager is the perfect tool for those who need to manage and manage a variety of assets such as ad accounts, Pages, or apps. Moreover, This free tool allows you to carry out marketing and social media actions on various accounts, effectively and from one place. Learn in this article what Facebook Business Manager is and how to create an account step by step. Most importantly, Facebook Business Manager Facebook Business Manager is a free tool that the great social network offers companies to organize and manage marketing actions efficiently and profitably.

It has the particularity that different levels of access can be configured so that parts of. The team such as digital analyst or community manager can work without. Problems on the same platform. It’s a great option for digital agencies. Moreover, That need to manage multiple business pages, schedule posts, manage ads, and interact with Azerbaijan phone numbers and customers. You can manage the following own or third-party assets from Facebook Business Manager: Facebook pages. Most importantly, Instagram accounts. Advertising accounts. Product catalogs. Applications.

Facebook Business Manager

In short, the main functions and features offered by Facebook Business Manager are: It allows you to keep commercial activities separate from your personal profile, avoiding any distractions that may appear in the feed. Moreover,  You can monitor your Facebook ads and get detailed reports on their performance. Allows you to provide access to partners, agencies, vendors and advertisers without transferring ownership of assets. Maintain privacy with co-workers. Most importantly, They can’t see your personal Facebook profile, only your name, work email, Pages, and ad accounts.

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This tool is designed for work teams and for those who must work with different departments: Companies that want to include Facebook or Instagram in their Social Media strategy and need collaborators. Moreover, Agencies with employees managing multiple accounts. Community Managers who work with their own clients Online store owners who want to create product catalogs. Facebook Business Manager is a free tool from Facebook that allows you to carry out marketing, advertising and analysis actions from one place. Most importantly, How to assign roles in Facebook Business Manager. To configure Facebook Business Manager?

How To Configure Facebook Business

Now that you know the main features of Facebook Business Manager, learn the next step by step to set up an account and start getting the most out of it. Moreover, Create a Facebook Business Manager Account The first step is to create a Business Manager account. For this you will need a personal Facebook profile that allows you to confirm your identity. Most importantly, People working on the platform will not have access to this data. Log in to Facebook Business and click the blue “Create Account” button in the top right corner. Enter your company name, and the business email address you will use to manage your Facebook Admin account. Click “Next.”

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