Credits: carl’s jr. Mexico. By type of product 1. Propaganda propaganda or propaganda campaigns do not seek to encourage the purchase of any product or service. But to make people share an idea. The relaunch campaign seeks to publicize some modification to the name. Logo. Colors. Slogan. Packaging. Or other key characteristics of a particular brand. Product or service. 6. Strong selling this strategy is intended to generate sales in the shortest possible time. Generally. A strong sales campaign directly encourages the purchase. So that in the short term acquisitions of the product are generated. Saudi arabia phone number Carl’s junior big sale ad promoting the 4 home pack this carl’s jr advertising piece is a clear example of a strong sales campaign.

The reactivation campaign is used in very specific cases. Especially in crisis situations or on special occasions. In more detail. With these types of advertising campaigns we can celebrate or commemorate a holiday . such as christmas or mother’s day. Product or service. Perhaps the clearest example is the campaigns carried out by coca cola; the most popular soft drink brand in the world has become so popular that it does not need to reinvent itself in order to maintain public loyalty. Saudi arabia phone number Rather. In the company they seek to generate advertising messages in order to remind people that coca cola is part of the lives of many people. 4. Reactivation campaign compared to a maintenance strategy.

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Example of relaunch ad campaign. Sal sol post with text to generate conversation during the quarantine. Sal sol carried out a reactivation advertising campaign to interact with its users via social networks. 5. Relaunch of all the types of advertising campaigns. Or we can launch Saudi arabia phone number it in situations that affect your brand or society in general. Broadly speaking. It seeks to attack a theme in the short term and breaks with the brand’s usual programming. As a recent example. Several brands carried out communication strategies in order to encourage the population to protect themselves against covid-19. And even interaction dynamics on social networks to make the quarantine period more bearable.

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Person. Etc. Because of this. Propaganda campaigns are not commercial in nature. As they do not seek to generate profit. Here the goal is to permeate the audience and obtain followers or adherents who identify with these ideals. The clearest example is political campaigns. Whose objective is to obtain voters so that a person can occupy a political position. Such as mayor. Deputation. Among others. Propaganda campaign for leslie knope from the parks and recreation series this leslie knope mayoral campaign poster is an example of propaganda. Saudi arabia phone number Credits: nbc universal. 2. Social this type of strategy .also known as a civic campaign. has the objective of encouraging a change for the benefit of the whole society. Although. Like the propaganda campaign.

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It does not have a commercial objective. It should not be confused with it. Since the social campaign seeks that society in general. Regardless of its political ideology. Religion. Etc.. Unite for a common cause. . A clear example are those communicative efforts to motivate people to take care of water. Recycle garbage. Among other collective objectives. As an example. Saudi arabia phone number We leave you this documentary of the “it can wait” initiative of the telecommunications company at&t. Which seeks to raise awareness of the risks of using a cell phone while driving. 3. Institutional or corporate here. Companies make a series of efforts to convey a good image to the audience .

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