This is my favorite time of the year. It’s time to report the results of your annual content marketing research. It’s been eight years since we partnered with MarketingProfs for this study, and we’re never excited to share new insights with you.

B2B Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, Trends-Brightcove-sponsored North America continues to see successful content marketing while B2B marketers are looking for ways to work more creatively and build their audience.

As with last year, we’re excited to see that nearly 65% ​​of B2B marketers surveyed report more success in overall content marketing than they did a year ago. How can marketers maintain that momentum? How do you take your content marketing to the next level?

Almost 65% of B2B marketers’ #contentmarketing programs are more successful than they were a year ago. @ cmicontent # research Click to tweet

To provide some answers, we looked at how the “most successful” survey respondents do things differently than the marketers as a whole. What makes these self-proclaimed “very” or “very successful” content marketers stand out? As we find each year, these marketers are more likely to:

Have a documented content marketing strategy

In the first place Describe your organization’s content marketing maturity as sophisticated or mature. Have a high level of commitment to content marketing
Agree that their organization is realistic about what content marketing can achieve
I agree that leadership gives them Canada Mobile Number enough time to produce content marketing results. Deliver content constantly or frequently and consistently
The best content marketers always

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However, the 2018 results show some additional features in the photos of more successful marketers. Use these insights to consider how to make your content marketing program more successful.

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Build an audience
Overall, at all levels of content marketing success, research shows that more marketers are focuse on building their audience. Of all respondents, 80% said they were focusing on this (compared to 92% of top performers), an increase of 18% over the previous year.

Eighty percent of content marketers focus on building their audience, which is an 18% year-over-year increase. @cmicontent Click to tweet
This is great news to see more marketers doing what CMI has encouraged them to do over the years. Why is it important to increase the number of viewers? Because your audience can be one of the most valuable assets of your organization. Content marketing provides a way to build a subscribed audience. This is what distinguishes content marketing from other forms of marketing. The purpose of content marketing is to provide valuable information as people want to hear from you … they sign up to receive your content.

How to use this insight: Distinguishing between leads and subscribers is important for B2B

Contentmarketing Lesson: Distinguish between leads and subscribers and advise @ LisaBeets. Click to tweet
A lead is someone who discloses information in exchange for content or other valuable material. This does not necessarily mean that they want to have a continuous conversation with your business. In fact, leads may not have any positive interest in your product or service.

A subscriber is someone who signs up to be contacteby the company on a regular basis. Subscribers believe that there is something worth offering to them. This value continues to serve beyond the initial engagement. In other words, the subscriber signs up.


But don’t ignore the possibility of the opposite situation. Kim Moutsos, CMI’s Vice President of Editing, points out: “If your lead generation work is good, you can get subscribers at the same time you get leads. You can mine subscriber leads in the same way you mine subscriber leads, for example. We offer opt-in to our newsletter on the download thank you page or from within a PDF, infographic, or video. ”

According to @KMoutsos, if your lead generation work is good, you can get leads and subscribers at the same time. Click to tweet

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Blend craft and process
Effective content creation involves efficiently completing quality projects . Eighty-eight percent of top performers value creativity and skill in content creation and production, compared to 74% of all respondents. In addition, 70% of top performers rate the project management flow for content creation projects as “excellent” or “very good,” but only 36% of all respondents.

Eighty-eight percent of top B2B content marketers value creativity and skill in creating and producing content. @cmicontent Click to tweet
As you can see, most respondents appreciate creativity and technology. What makes successful content marketers seem to dominate is that they have a good process.


How to use this insight: Process and creativity are not in conflict. The process is the key to giving your team time to be creative. Setting up the process takes time, but once the process is introduce, the conversation “who is doing this”, “what steps are neede”, “oh, forget to include someone / something” It changes from “ta”. .. After that, the team has time to work on techniques to create great content.

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In like manner Stop ineffective activities
For the first time, we asked respondents if they stopped content marketing activities that they determined were ineffective in focusing on what gave the best results.

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