The anti-China cold rice at the beginning of 2020 will continue to be hot at the end of the year. This is the basis for judging other people’s public opinion, because American society is not. Taiwanese society after all, and even if it experiences a civil war in. The future, its national strength is sufficient for its own recovery. Taiwanese society is nothing more than hoping that a strongman. Can continue to resist China, which is similar to the basic concept of. Expecting Tsai Ing-wen to resist China, but the point is to abandon. The role of civil society and transfer his own power to the strongman. The atmosphere that Taiwanese society has slowly displayed since 2016 has abandoned party politics and devoted itself to the transformation of strongman politics.


Politics focuses on its own image and charm. Gossip news and behind-the-scenes stories are relatively separate from the organizational warfare of party politics. In Tsai Ing-wen’s election campaign, you will find something similar to “I support Tsai Ing-wen, not the DPP”. There Lithuania Phone Number are more and more words, and in this atmosphere, in order to win the election, the campaign team is also scrambling to move in this direction.The author is not criticizing Tsai Ing-wen’s campaign model, but this kind of operation made Taiwanese society demand the birth of a hero, and also affected the subsequent attention to the US election so enthusiastically. Is it so?

Taiwan is

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Often hailed as a chess piece in international competitions (some mayors who have been ousted think it is a stopper, we will not comment), but if everyone simply demands the emergence of strongman politics, they will ignore their own. The existence of initiative, and this initiative itself is not only the civil society force that pushed the DPP to full power, but also the social driving force for the gradual democratization of Taiwanese society from the 1970s.

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