This page really seems to cater to people who are very comfortable with the technical aspects of running a website. If you are non-technical or just new to using websites, you may find this page quite difficult to follow. One of the reasons for this could be simply because it attempts to cover almost anything that could go wrong during a move. And I certainly used to follow this page when moving WordPress sites. It worked well, but it could definitely get tedious and time-consuming. But luckily, thanks to the thriving ecosystem of WordPress plugins, I came across a much easier way to move small (and not-so-small) sites. And that’s what

This Tutorial Is About…server Paths…MySQL Tables…and More

If you need to move a very large site, this tutorial may still work for you, but you’ll probably have to pay to upgrade the plugin. Otherwise, follow the “manual process” instructions if you need more control.You have worked on your site locally (on your computer) and are looking to put it online. You have your website in a subfolder Buy Norway WhatsApp Numbers and you are looking to change that folder (perhaps even moving the site to the root).The site is either on a domain or subdomain, and you are looking to change that domain/subdomain.Or even – the blog address will remain exactly the same, but you simply change the host.


Well, Good News! whatever the Case, the Approach I Discuss in This

Buy Norway WhatsApp Numbers

Applies equally. In this case, the one size fits all!So just before I tell you about the option I’m going to use in today’s tutorial, what other options do you have when moving your WordPress site?…Do it yourself manually (this can be tedious, time-consuming, and potentially error-prone, but gives you the most control).Pay someone else to do it manually for you.Use a plugin.Toda I will talk about the third option – using a plugin.That said, not all plugins are created equal! You can of course try many different plugins to see which one you like best, but…Why do that when I did the hard work for you!In this tutorial, I talk about my (currently) favorite plugin and how exactly you can use it to move your site.


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