Do you know what UTM is in PPC campaigns? If you don’t know, don’t worry! When you finish reading this article, you will know how to use it to monitor the origin of each of the visits you receive on your website, quickly, easily and in real time. All thanks to UTM codes; a kind of special parameter, added to the end of the URL to make them personalized and thus know where each of your visits comes from. UTMs in PPC campaigns tell you how much traffic came from a particular tweet, Facebook post, or text or image link in an article on your blog. And the truth is that if you want to have a profitable business, you just can’t stop using it.

[Tweet “Using UTM in PPC Campaigns will make your business profitable.”] Next I will tell you exactly what UTM is and what the UTM is for in PPC campaigns. Continue reading: What are UTMs and what are they for? UTM stands for Italy phone number Tracking Module and is the format used by Google to track URL’s. In short, they are small pieces of information that are added to the end of a URL , to inform Google, in detail, about a specific link. [Tweet “UTMs are small pieces of information that are added to the end of a URL”] Remember: The mathematical physicist Lord Kelvin said: “What is not defined cannot be measured. Is not measured cannot be improved.

What Are Utms And What Are They For?

What does not improve, always degrades.” Lord Kelvin And, in digital marketing , that’s something you can’t afford to forget. This is why UTM codes in PPC campaigns are so important. Now yes, let’s continue with UTM. The UTM code is made up of pieces of text that are added to the end of URLs. These snippets are used so that Google Analytics – or the web analytics tool you use – can track the origin of visits and record where a visit to a specific page came from. For example, the genwords blog URL is: In the URL it is a UTM parameter. It is important that you know that this code will not change anything on your own site, but it will help you measure the success of your PPC campaign.

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Basically, using the utm codes in ppc campaigns will allow you to customize your links so that you can later monitor. Measure the results: be they clicks, conversions, purchases, registrations or any other activity. In other words, the UTM parameters in PPC campaigns will allow you to obtain valuable information from your visitors. What does that mean? It means that you will be able to know which of your posts on each social network or which of your ads. Or even blog posts managed to drive more traffic to a certain page. Obviously, this measurement serves to see which medium worked best as a source of diffusion.

Importance Of Custom Urls

In a ppc campaign, this will allow you to know which actions should be enhanced or which actions. Or publications did not work as expected and should be reviewed or removed from the plan. In accordance with the above, it is essential that you use utm codes. In ppc campaigns to optimize your digital marketing strategy. For example, imagine that you are engaged in online trading of healthy products to make nutritious recipes. Well, that’s exactly what BuyFresco, a digital food platform, does, often posting the same campaign on multiple social profiles and using UTM. Codes to find out which post performed best.

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