Sure it takes time, effort and practice to become a strong writer. But if you want to learn how to write a blog post that’ll bring you new readers and captivate your existing ones, Anguilla Email List you can get started on that—and make significant progress—right here today. I’ve been blogging here for 8+ years, and in that process I’ve gone from fumbling around with Anguilla Email List learning how to start a blog, to perfecting a step-by-step writing process that brought my blog over 4.4 Million readers last year alone.And while it comes as no surprise, competition for eyeballs is skyrocketing with more than Anguilla Email List million new blog posts published every day.

Get to Know Your Blog Audience

In today’s guide about how to write a blog post, we’ll be touching on everything from how to better understand your readers, to my formula for generating Anguilla Email List creative blog post ideas that’ll captivate reader attention, how to write winning headlines that encourage more clicks, Anguilla Email List how to structure a blog post for maximum readability, storytelling and much more. Bloggers looking to promote their blogs, grow traffic or even maintain their existing organic Anguilla Email List search rankings, face an uphill battle heading into the future.

Anguilla Email List

Want to Learn How to Write a Blog Post?

For starters, Google is sending less organic traffic to websites today, Anguilla Email List even cannibalizing their own ad revenue, in favor of keeping searchers on Google-owned properties or providing them immediate answers in the form of featured Anguilla Email List snippets like this right here (where my guide to starting a blog is often featured) On top of that, there’s been an increasing trend toward plummeting (free) social reach and engagement on the major platforms like Facebook, Anguilla Email List Twitter and LinkedIn. According to the latest blogging statistics, most blog posts actually get less than 4 social shares and 0 back links.

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