All of these images—which offer insights into VP Technical Email Lists consumer attitudes, consumer satisfaction, product use, etc.—are now readily visible to us as statements about brands thanks to some cutting-edge computer vision methods — specifically, image recognition. that it can detect brand logos even in pretty mediocre photos—in poorly lit, tossed-off images, where products and logos aren’t even necessarily fully in view.

In the new visually-driven culture,

VP Technical Email Lists

the basic strategic uses of “social listening” still apply: Marketers still have to decide for themselves what amounts to actionable information, whether it’s about reaching out to disgruntled consumers before their complaints go viral or cultivating top influencers and superfans of your brand to help spread the love. (As long as consumers are posting to the general public—i.e., on accounts not set to private—marketers are free to reach out to them.)

A soup maker like Campbell’s,

for instance, might choose to direct some of its marketing and social-media messaging to fitness-focused consumers who use its products as part of a healthy diet. Bud Light could take the “surprise and delight” approach to rewarding fans (e.g., with digital coupons and other special offers) who spread the word about seasonal offerings such as its Lime Water-Melon-Rita beverage. And Tide might step up its social-media messaging to support its one-button-ordering partnership with Amazon Dash.

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