Per campaign. In our small country, the amount of cultural influencers is limit. 25 influencers per campaign would mean that you pretty  Cyprus WhatsApp Number List much use the entire niche or also collaborate with influencers from outside the sector – so travel, activism or lifestyle, or who match thematically. The latter is  various cultural institutions. 3. Number of followers In the fashion and lifestyle industry it is not strange to have more than 50k .

Followers as an influencer

Cultural influencers are still so niched that their followers can  a number of zeros. If you have 3000 followers, that’s a decent number. In the culture sector you therefore quickly work together with so-called ‘nano-influencers’, who have between 100 and 5000 followers. Sounds like little effect? On the contrary.

Nano-influencers generally

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Have an engaged group of followers and specific knowledge about a particular theme. They are the ‘social’ aspect of social media – there is interaction on their platforms and with that a great deal of trust and authenticity. 4. Budgets In 2017, the influencer marketing industry in the Netherlands was worth 100 million euros – and this amount is expect to double in the next two years. Commercial companies spend between 5,000 and 25,000 euros per.

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