The specific application of card sorting method: take the cruise app project as an example. First of all, let me introduce the background of this project. A project initiated by the cruise subsidiary of an OTA company that I worked for before. This cruise subsidiary has many cruise ships of its own. As you all know, cruise ships sail on the sea without moving. However, the price of Wi-Fi for cruise ships is very expensive, so this cruise company needs an app. The biggest difference between this app and ordinary apps is:

1. It can only used after connecting to the free Wi-Fi on the cruise ship

2. Free Wi-Fi a local area network environment and cannot interconnected with the Internet

The basic requirements for this app are:

1. The ability for cruise passengers to easily view and book cruise services

2. Get the latest information in a timely manner and contact the cruise service provider

3. It can facilitate the communication between relatives and friends of the traveling companions, because members often participate in different projects

4. Friendship requirements among all passengers

5. Passenger personal itinerary management

“Nine-story platform starts from Malaysia Phone Number building soil”, information architecture is the most important entrance and information grouping for an app, just like foundation beams and pillars are to buildings, and bones are to animals. The logical relationship of information architecture is not clear, just like bones. If it is misplaced, it will not be able to effectively mobilize the muscles and skin to perform more fine movements.

Therefore, after receiving a similar project, you should not rush to start the specific functional page design immediately, but leave plenty of time to finalize the information architecture. A reasonable information architecture that meets the user’s psychological expectations is the basis for ensuring the app’s usability and ease of use.

Approaches to Determining Information Architecture

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The determination of the information architecture needs to be completed by using a variety of methods. Card classification is only one of the effective means to finalize the final architecture. Other research results such as CFS analysis, user interviews, and competitive product analysis are also important reference indicators.

User needs based on user research are as follows:


Basic needs of cruise passengers

The schematic diagram of the basic information communication flow on the cruise ship is as follows:


Schematic diagram of information communication flow on cruise ship

If the user who uses the App is used as a reference, the information flow is as shown in the following figure:

User-based information flow

It can be seen that the App is an effective way to effectively communicate between the cruise operator and the passengers. Passengers can not only obtain instant information from the cruise operator, but also use the App to effectively communicate with the operator and feedback information and results.

The preliminary structure and function points obtained from the analysis of other preliminary research results are as follows:

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