Does the term Marketing Stack ring a bell ? Although this concept is not so common to hear, what it implies is much more common than you imagine. If you’re a marketer, you’ll quickly realize that you do it all the time. What is Marketing Stack? Marketing Stack is nothing more than the intelligent use of technology in the world of marketing. It is the integration of different tools used for analysis, monitoring and research, among many other activities. Yes, exactly! Those platforms that you use every day to facilitate and speed up your work.

Marketing Stack: Why Bet on a Technological Vision? The answer is more than obvious: technology simplifies our lives. And, if we talk about marketing, there is nothing cooler than having, for example, large volumes of data. Analyzed on Bahrain phone numbers platform to link them with a sales tool. Results optimization at a general level, the implementation of marketing. Stack allows optimizing results at all levels, since technological platforms provide a. Very efficient range of work organization . Among them, we can highlight CRM and CSM.

What Is Marketing Stack?

Through these tools, it is possible to generate an acceleration in processes, eliminate obsolete circuits and discard those manual works that slow down the time of the equipment in each sector. This improvement will imminently provide superior results to those obtained with work methodologies used in the past. Integration between Different Tools Marketing directors will be in charge of choosing the tools that solve business problems; that is, those that best adapt to the category, the process, the budget and the number of employees. The selected platforms must be compatible with each other: there must be a link between them that allows automation .

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For example, an analytics tool has to be compatible with the CRM and, at the same time, with the Social Listening platform. Innovation and Disruption Being one step ahead, not being afraid of change and always being open to new ideas is essential in this regard. Many times the key is to find unconventional solutions to common problems; therefore, disruption has to be an ally in your business. The Marketing Stack is full of innovative platforms — more than 7,000 — that provide practical and efficient solutions. The important thing is that you think outside the box and analyze how you can replace traditional and outdated methodologies with new technologies.

Marketing Stack: Why Bet On A Technological Vision?

The essence of a disruptive company is that the big “players” in the market tend to look down on it when it comes along, because they don’t understand that it is in direct competition with them and introducing things that will change the way everyone works. (Jorge Ruiz Esparza) Marketing Stack: How to Incorporate it into your Strategies? A strategy is a set of well-considered actions, directed towards a certain goal. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is evaluate in what circumstances technological tools can be useful to strategically solve a problem.

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