The launch stage. It is important to emphasize that the second objective of this type of campaign is to reach as many people as possible so that the information about your next launch is known by as many people as possible. Russia phone number This is why we suggest you combine campaigns in traditional and digital media. The main goal is to ” sow” curiosity within people regarding an upcoming release. Revealing very little information about it and thereby Russia phone number generating expectations. A key point of the expectation campaign is that it should not be long . Because there is a risk of boring the audience and thus losing their interest. This can lead to the failure of the next stage.

Here we explain what they are: chart of types of advertising campaigns by life cycle stage 1. Campaign of expectation or teaser as its name indicates. The objective of the teaser campaign is that the audience can start learning about a potential new product Russia phone number service. Without a doubt. Knowing the diversity of campaign types will allow you to establish. Manage and optimize the results you want to obtain from your digital or traditional marketing strategy. In general. We can classify the types of campaigns into two aspects: by stage of the life cycle: it is generated according to the stage in which our product and even our client is. Russia phone number By type of product: the campaign is created based on the nature of the product to be advertised.

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We have a chapter of our podcast in which we explain how your brand can join this social movement. 4. Industrial these types of advertising campaigns are carried out by a specific industry . Such as clothing. Construction. Restaurants. To name a few examples. Normally. In order to Russia phone number empathize with future long-term customers. In many cases. These types of campaigns (also known as corporate) seek to Russia phone number communicate the work that the company or brand launches to support causes that benefit a specific group or society in general. One of these issues is the support that companies make in favor of the lgbt+ community. In fact at aloha!

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On the digital level. We certainly suggest a brand recognition campaign on the platform that most closely matches your buyer persona. In fact . Facebook ads . Twitter ads and even linkedin ads offer types of outreach campaigns to meet this goal Russia phone number social networks. Meanwhile. With google ads you will have the options of display or video network to achieve this goal. It should be noted that this campaign is not mandatory in most cases . Russia phone number But it can certainly be important to begin to permeate your product in the minds of the audience. 2. Launch campaign of all the types of advertising campaigns that exist. The launch campaign has the responsibility of publicizing all the information about a new product or service.

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The goal is to show the characteristics of your product and its main differentiator over other options offered by the competition. In this type of campaign we will expose the benefits of our product and how it can change the lives of the people who use it. In addition to traditional media and online advertising platforms. The mail can become your ally so Russia phone number that the audience knows the characteristics of your product. Through an email marketing strategy . You can even use this last strategy to attract your frequent customers or. In general. Those people who have made a purchase in your store. Obtaining said information  from your databases. Cta inbound sales service 3. Maintenance campaign this type of advertising campaign is used to preserve the image of our brand.

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