For online publishers mobile traffic serves as Australia School Email Lists a serious monetization headache. Less ad inventory available per page view is creating new ways of expanding publishers’ already slim profit margins. Mobile RTB ad exchanges are a great solution.

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Before we get down to your top 10 list we should probably say a little something about what RTB is, how it works, and how you can benefit from using RTB ad exchanges to monetize mobile traffic.

What is RTB?

RTB is a process of bidding on ad inventory in an ongoing, instantaneous auction. When a user visits a webpage, creating an ad impression, the page data is sent to an ad exchange, where advertisers can compete in an auction for each impression.

The highest bidding advertiser earns the impression and their ad is displayed on the website in real time. Instead of paying in advance for the ad inventory, like with a traditional media buy, the advertiser can choose which impressions to purchase at the exact time they need them.

fast rtb for mobile
For advertisers, RTB means there’s no need to purchase a large volume of impressions to place advertisements on a website — instead, they can bid on impressions in real time, pretty cool, right?! And think of the possibilities. Advertisers can also use

RTB marketplaces to avoid interacting directly with publishers who want to negotiate CPM rates and minimum ad purchases.

As a result, advertisers can choose exactly where and how to advertise, improving their ability to reach their exact audience. Fewer impressions are wasted, less money is spent on low-value ad impressions, and advertisers achieve

a better return on ad spend from their campaigns. No wonder it’s so darn popular.

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