This means that potential customers are attracted to what they see on social networks.for example. What their colleagues share.and what they read on the internet. Such as articles found through search engines. All this methodology works according to a cycle. Which is divided into 3 stages: India phone number attraction: seeks to attract prospects through high-value content. Interaction: talk with users to answer their questions and guide them in their purchase. Delight: provide the best possible experience and treatment to build customer India phone number loyalty. Graph with the inbound cycle but what are its benefits? The client enters the process with a clear understanding of your company . Your brand and what you can offer them.

Therefore. Conversion  rates tend to be higher because they already know what they need or what benefits them. Create goodwill India phone number towards your brand . Every time a visitor interacts with content related to your business. It creates what we call a “powerful emotional reaction.” this happens because the visitor has what we call “brand affinity”. The more you interact. The stronger that brand affinity becomes and this translates India phone number into better sales. Low acquisition cost ; when visitors come to you through your website they have already shown interest in what you offer. In other words. These are real potential customers whose specific interests you know.

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Therefore. It is easier to convert them from visitors to buyers (conversion). It is a direct way to create customers. 2. Content marketing what is content marketing or content marketing ? Mainly. Content marketing consists of .excuse the redundancy. the creation of content (articles. Videos. Etc.) related to the product or service you offer. The content India phone number may include tips and tricks on how to use it. Or general information about its benefits; in any case. The content is provided to make the customer fall in love with your brand. India phone number Among its main benefits are: content marketing is low cost. Encourage people to share the content because they feel that the content is really worthwhile. It helps cultivate a brand’s digital presence as an expert in their field. In our marketing podcast.

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We talk more about content marketing: 3. Seo and sem seo is also known as organic search engine optimization. This type of optimization occurs India phone number when you make changes to your website so that the major search engines ( google . Yahoo!. Bing). Discover what you offer. And include your website in the first results. Think about what happens when we use India phone number google or yahoo! To look for something: which one do we choose? The first results that appear. Right? So what seo does is help websites appear at the top of those rankings. media marketing social media marketing is the process of promoting your product or service through social media.

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Social networks are a very powerful tool. As they allow you to reach thousands of users in a matter of minutes. But if you’re not careful. You can also end up with a lot of followers or fake friends who are just looking for your shared products or services for free. Some brief recommendations that we can give you for the management of your social networks are: stay active and engaged. Share relevant content for your business. Be brief. India phone number Post links to your blog or website. Respond to comments and questions. 5. Email marketing email marketing is the process of sending email messages to customer lists. With the goal of increasing sales by reminding them of a product or service.

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