The green meadows that, on the other hand. If we travel and consume more in the metaverse. We still give them a break. Wake up and smell the coffee Alex Gabarre Wake up. And smell the coffee Posted on November 18. 2021 It is a clear day at the plantation in Puerto Rico. Despite the humidity, a team of make-up artists does everything possible. So that George Clooney does not appear to be sweating. Dressed in an unbuttoned pale blue polo shirt. Beige khakis and sporting stubble Clooney hangs his sunglasses. And gazes up at the coffee plants growing up the hill. It’s a very different scene from what he was used to. There is no elegant party. It is hundreds of kilometers from some chic coffee shop. Instead of a beautiful and sophisticated actress.

The owner of the coffee plantation

He will shoot the scenes of him with José, the owner of the coffee plantation. Wow, Clooney thinks, how things change. In 2006 Clooney walked into Remove Background Image a (probably fake) coffee shop dressed in a black suit and sweater, short hair, perfectly shaved. He greeted the actor who played the store manager and a close-up of a hand showed us how he supposedly poured a Nespresso by the cut. Beside her, a sophisticated actress detailed to another actress the range of sensations produced in her by the coffee she (was not) drinking, creating an ironic misunderstanding with Clooney himself, a lover defeated by the superiority of coffee. From What Else? … For 13 years Nespresso, Clooney and their What Else? In the end, they formed a golden triumvirate with which the brand achieved spectacular sales figures, especially when it comes to a product that is little less than luxury.

Remove Background Image

With a more than remarkable price-premium

With a more than remarkable price-premium , Nespresso became one of the few high-end products consumed by the masses. The other, the iPhone, was Executive List born a year later. In 2019, Nespreso was given to talking about hurricanes, civil wars and climate change. His new coffees stopped evoking vague concepts in Italian and began to bear the name of the countries in which each one is grown. And yes, Clooney grew a beard, and gave all the prominence of it to the true stories of unglamorous coffee growers. It was all part of her De ella Reviving Origins initiative , a support platform for organic coffee producers located in conflict zones or affected by environmental catastrophes. … shot in the foot? The following year the brand would launch the content platform The Positive Cup , and Clooney would virtually disappear in favor of multiple videos in collaboration with National Geographic .

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