That is what is important: the function and not the mere form. And if a nomenclature were necessary, nobody has been able to invent a better word than one that has existed for a lifetime: symbol. Symbol: sign that establishes a relationship of identity with a reality that it evokes or represents That is, or should be, the function of every identity element, whatever it is called. Represent an idea, communicate an intention . Symbols and logos Beyond the doubtful fidelity to reality between the previous words and what they represent (if isologo literally means ‘same as the word’, why is it used to define those logos in which text and image/icon form a single element? and can’t they be represented separately?), I particularly prefer to talk about only two elements.

Helps to communicate Between these two

The symbol, as a symbolic element precisely the logo, the text that accompanies it and helps to communicate Between these two, there is always one that Illustrator Art Work commands, and it should be the predominant value that would give, if necessary, the name to the ‘invention’ or representation. On some occasions it will be somewhat more allegorical, and on others less. Sometimes the word (logotype) will weigh more and other times the figure or metaphor (imagotype). And even in this case we would not be talking about an imagotype, but rather an iconotype. Well, it is the word icon that carries that certain symbolic varnish that is what is, or should be, the element to which we refer. That is, if we talk about a word, it will be a logo. If we talk about a graphic spectacle made up of palm trees.

Illustrator Art Work

Lights and other elements i don’t know

Lights and other elements i don’t know what it would be, but we could talk about visual identity. The opposite, or the excess of terms, can lead to Executive List confusion. Let’s think about some real cases. What would we call the Abanca logo ? Or the one in Alantra ? And what about the one from Habitaclia or Pans & Company? But let’s go back to the beginning, lest no matter how much writing we end up getting lost in words. The important thing is that whatever it is called, every ‘logo’ must represent an idea, communicate an intention. Salustio already said it in Roman times: “the world is a symbolic object”. The 10 most read posts on branding and brands summa team The 10 most read posts on branding and brands Posted on August 19, 2021 The brand is a fundamental asset to drive the growth.

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