AAnd AI in the fight against disinformation? When we talk about discerning the accuracy of information we receive, we are essentially talking about trust and the  Panama WhatsApp Number List robustness of records against manipulation. If there’s one thing the much-hyped blockchain and other forms of decentralized technology could deliver, it’s solving.

the problem of trust

The EU is currently looking at use cases for blockchain. Possibly in combination with AI  for combating. Disinformation aligning the media and advertising. landscape, and for more secure use of data and identity. data What we can do ourselves against misinformation and techno-manipulation Carl Miller.

CASM Research Director

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At Demos and author of ” The Death of the Gods. Tells us a fascinating story about being a “Fake News Merchant. He illustrates what a tremendous economic opportunity this can be in parts of Eastern Europe, where youth unemployment can be as high as 60%. His plea is that we “not only burn the poppy fields but also give the farmers something.

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