You have to be adaptable and not wait for the client to be the one to make changes to their agenda for us. Preparation of the presentation. When talking to potential clients. Don’t bore them with a long lecture. We must prepare a dialogue in which we include opinion questions so that it is a dynamic conversation. Also. Bad experiences from the past can motivate some customers to decline a call. Here we leave some points to take into account before dialing by phone: the time of the call. If we make a video call to a potential client. It is better to do it during a time when he can attend to you. Brazil phone number This information can be obtained through a text message. An email or when we deliver our business card in person.

We must commit to working on the information that we offer on our website. The confidence that is instilled in customers will be rewarded with their preference for our products. In fact. In the episode “how to build a community for your brand?” from the aloha podcast we tell you some of the. Brazil phone number keys to connect with your customers and followers and build loyalty with your product or service. 5. Possibility of supplying other companies through the b2b sales model although retail sales can represent an important source of income. If we sell for larger quantities. Then we will have a better chance of increasing income. This opportunity is available if we explore digital sales.

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From the call to establishing the first contact we can work to gain credibility with customers. Before making the first call to a prospective client. Some aspects must be considered so that the contact is acceptable and the rejection rate is lower. Not all people are receptive to talking to strangers on the phone. By opening the Brazil phone number doors of our company to customers from other areas. It is also likely that we will find other companies that want us to be their supplier. B2b sales (business to business) allow you to find a business partner for a long time. The importance of a good first contact call in the sales process business relationships are always based on trust and good reputation.

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Respect the requests of people who ask not to contact them by phone again. Some individuals are very demanding about the protection of their personal data and may question us about how we obtained their data. If after offering the explanation the person asks not to call him again. Then you have to accept his decision. Do not forget the privacy notice. Brazil phone number Many companies have been sanctioned for not informing their clients about the treatment they give to their clients’ data. In order not to fall into these fines. Then the privacy notice must be made available to the public. This especially applies to digital sales by collecting names. Telephone numbers. Emails.

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Addresses and other data. Definition of the main concepts related to digital sales in order for us to apply the recommendations we have provided. It is preferable to learn more about the concepts used in digital sales. 1. Sales representative specialists in the sale of products and services. Brazil phone number They are fully familiar with the characteristics of the goods and therefore can offer satisfactory answers to the questions put to them. In general. They are the ones who make the first contacts with the leads. They must also give personalized follow-up to clients. 2. Sales pipeline it is also known as a sales funnel.

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