As Einstein said, the biggest mistake is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Shall we try to change? How you can become a conscious brand Your brand is your values: ask yourself what is going wrong in the world around you? What makes your brand special? And how can this contribute to improving the world? Articulate everything around your values: purpose, product, experience and community.Ask yourself in each key element how it should be to respond to the values Be authentic . Telling stories is not enough, do, get involved, act… demonstrate your values ​​with actions. Be honest. Share clear information and results without makeup, hypocrisy or half-truths are not allowed. Be consistent. Inside and outside the organization, employees are the first ambassadors.

Of your community be transparent

Of your community Be transparent. Speak clearly about what you believe and position yourself before reality, even knowing that some people will not understand Image Masking Service you, you will make the community of people who share your same values ​​stronger. Let us all be (a little more) aware of the role that brands have in making society evolve and creating a better world for all. Brands have this power, let’s use it. For the benefit of all.What if the metaverse wasn’t so bad? Rafael Soto What if the metaverse wasn’t so bad? Posted on December 2, 2021 The metaverse is the hot spot. It is logical. The fascination of the unexplored awakens us again in a world where everything already seemed very trite.

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When everything was already seen

When everything was already seen, the metaverse offers us a new reality to visit. But while the metaverse is very present in our conversations now, it’s nothing Executive List new. We all heard of Second Life in the middle ages of the internet , which amazingly lives on with a million users from all over the world. And maybe games like World of Warcraft sound familiar to you , which already had its own currency. Or blockbusters like Minecraft where users create and build their own spaces, or games like Fortnite that definitely integrate avatar culture and customization throughout generation z. The big difference is that now it’s serious. The big difference of this metaverse There are three things that make the metaverse now all but inevitable. 1) Cryptocurrencies and NFTs bring a radically new and different economic interest to what we knew. The metaverses are already being, almost before they existed.

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