Audience overview

Click on your property in the list view and Sales Directors Email Lists you’ll be taken to Audience Overview.

google analytics audience overview
Based on the date range set you’ll see a big chart with peaks and valleys as well as smaller charts describing Sessions, Users, Pageviews, Pages per Session, Average Session Duration, Bounce Rate and Percentage of New Sessions.

Sales Directors Email Lists

Plus there’s a pie chart showing New Visitors and Returning Visitors.

Below all that is a bar chart where you can see Demographics, System, and Mobile breakdowns.

All good information, but not always what you need to see every time.

Google Analytics is so deep and exhaustive in it’s output that clicking around in it’s dozens of pages can lead to information overload.

What you need to do in order to have Fun Reading Your Google Analytics is to arrange the metrics in a way that’s easy for you to view.

But first, a word about the A, B, C’s of Google Analytics…

google analytics sidebar


In the sidebar to the left you’ll see a menu. There’s Dashboard, Shortcuts, Intelligence Events and Real Time, which I’ll get to soon.

Below that is Audience, Acquisition, Behavior and Conversions, each with an Overview plus subcategories.

Audience is just that. It describes your readers.

Acquisition is your traffic and how your audience made their way to your site.

Behavior is what your audience did on your site.

Conversions is what they committed to while visiting, what goals they completed.

So when you clicking around in analytics and wonder why you’re seeing numbers a certain way, look at the sidebar to check which A, B, C area you’re in.

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